God has some incredible next steps for your life, and our Next Steps program is designed to help you  take your next steps in your relationship with Christ and your connection to Calvary Church. During your involvement in Next Steps, you'll have the opportunity to establish a genuine relationship with God, begin finding freedom from your past, discovering what your purpose is and then start making a difference.

First Steps

At the end of each service, one of our Pastors will introduce you to some friends who are a part of our First Steps team. They will be available to pray with you about any needs you may have. They'll be able to answer questions about a decision you may have made to give your life to Christ. Most importantly, they'll be a friend here at Calvary to give you some direction on your next steps!

No need to register, we invite you to come whether you register or not. However, you can register for the Growth Track or our Christian Essentials small group below.

Growth Track

Our 2 part series called Growth Track happens every Sunday at 10:30 am in our Family Ministry Facility. It will take place on two consecutive Sundays. The purpose of growth track is to help you get connected to Calvary Church. We'll cover what we believe and how we operate in part one. Then, we'll help you discover purpose and find a way to make difference in your world. We invite you to come up any Sunday that you're here to get started.

Christian Essentials

If you're new to Christianity or maybe you're rediscovering your faith, the third option for you next steps at Calvary is to be a part of our Christian Essentials small group. This small group takes place during our small group semesters on the Calvary Church campus. We invite you to hop in at any time! We'll answer questions that include...
1. Who is God?
2. Who am I to God?
3. How Do I Share My Faith?
4. Who is the Holy Spirit?
5. What is Heaven like?
6. How do I read and Study the Bible?
7. What is the best & right way to pray?
8. Why are relationships so important?
9. How do I become generous?
10. What difference can I make?